Video and professional images production involves patience and preparation, and lighting is an aspect that cannot be overlooked. Photographers make regular use of reflectors whether shooting indoor or outdoors to determine the mood of the scene and, a right light can especially evoke a more dramatic or subtle palette for the videos and pictures.

Whether you are a selfie enthusiast or looking to hone your photography skills, if you are intending to take recording videos or shooting professional photos of social media platforms into consideration, you will need to invest not only in camera, but also lighting.

Most of us may not be able to access to the professional film-making equipment whether you are a selfie enthusiast or looking to hone your photography skills, but we do have a way to acquire high quality photographs and videos by investing in lighting.

A ring light, basically, is a ring of small LED bulbs that are designed specifically to distribute light evenly. Although it is not a replacement for a full-sized lighting rig, but if you need a decent amount of illumination for emphasizing details and generating color effects on videos and headshots, this one from SUPERDANNY is just the right product to meet your requirement.

SUPERDANNY tripod selfie ring light will instantly help to eliminate harsh shadows and give you a very flattering light that really brightens up your appearance from a distance. You can use a Bluetooth enabled smart phone for remote shooting and switching of image display.

SUPERDANNY 10'' Ring Light

This ring light has three different temperature settings for Cool, Nature and Warm, and each temperature can be adjusted by 10 levels.

You can just attach your camera lens in the center of the ring light directly, an adjustable tripod that can securely hold your phone steady, and adjust the light temperature simply by the USB remote control.

Since the ring light can produce a daylight color rating of 5600K which is perfect for make-up tutorial videos especially with the interior of buildings which may lack sufficient available light.

Taking different occasions into consideration, SUPERDANNY has also provided different options to respond to actual market needs.

Whether you're working or connecting with friends and family, in the age of coronavirus, tons of our social and professional interactions are taking place online, thus, video calls and meetings are became parts of our lives.

SUPERDANNY tripod LED ring light enables you toattach the phone on the holder or to set it off to one side of the laptop for a meeting.You can rotate the holder 360 degrees to the direction you want so as to ensure your face or the subject is well illuminated and clearly visible

Surely, this ring light is also perfect for providing light for live stream, video production, group selfie and so on and so forth.

There is another well-designed selfie ring lightwhich can be fixed on the phone directly provided that it is inconvenient to bring the above two tripod ring lights to take outdoor vlogs or photography.

Much like a traditional phone flash light, but the ring light will not cause red eye defect or over exposure due to its adjustable level of brightness. This fantastic trinket help to get the picture incredible and you don’t have to wait for the sun to come up, or stop when it goes down.

It may seem dramatic to claim that ring lights can transform your images, and of course, they won’t make a bad photo good, but the truth is that these lights really do lift a well-composed image to the next level.