Many of us have had the experience of kneeling on the floor, trying to plug a computer cord into the power strip on the floor. This is a pain in the neck, especially for elder people or when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem that needs plugging and unplugging the cord multiple times. Here we introduce ways to attach the power strip on the wall or furniture at a comfortable height for your easier access to the power supply.

Some power strips have mounting holes, others don’t. For the first kind, you will need tools like an electric screwdriver, 2 wafer head screws, 2 plastic anchors, and a pencil; for the latter kind, you will just need hook & loop fasteners with double-sided tapes, and a pair of scissors.

1.Find a Suitable Location

A power strip should be plugged into the wall outlets directly, so make sure its cord length is long enough to reach the nearest wall outlet. The mounting height depends on where you are using the power strip. For example, when you are using the power strip for computers and the peripherals, the best mounting height is at your shoulder level when you sit down; when you are using the power strip in the kitchen, its best mounting height is slightly above the kitchen counter.

2.Attach the Power Strip

With Screws

Measure the distance of the mounting holes on the back of the power strip, then use a pencil and a ruler to mark 2 drilling points on the wall/furniture with the same distance. Use an electric screwdriver to drive 2 pilot holes with the same diameter of the screws, the same depth of the plastic anchors, then tap in 2 plastic anchors into the pilot holes until they are flush with the wall/furniture. Finally, drive in 2 screws into the plastic anchors, leave about 3-5mm protruding from the wall/furniture. The last step is to mount the power strip on the screws and slide it into position.

With Hook & Loop Fasteners

It is easier to attach the power strip this way because you don’t need to drill holes on the wall or furniture, and you can mount the power strip in any direction on the wall and under the counter. The first step is to clean the wall/furniture surface and the back of the power strip with a piece of dry cloth so that the double-sided tape can adhere to them. Then cut the hook & loop fasteners into 2 stripes, and adhere the “hook” side to the wall and the “loop” side to the power strip, and make sure they will meet when you press the power strip against the wall or furniture.

SUPERDANNY Mountable Power Strip

3.Plug the Cord

Now you can plug the cord into the wall outlet and turn on the power switch if any.

If you have any other types of power strips that need to be attached to the wall or furniture, or you have easier ways to attach a power strip on the wall, please feel free to comment here below.